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Romania.png "Call the Police"
Call The Police (cover).jpeg
Own Eurovision Song Contest 46 entry
Country Romania
Artist(s) Alexandra Stan
As G Girls
Language English
Finals performance
Semi-final result 15th, 44 points
Appearance chronology
◄ Bop Bop (45)   
Un minut (47) ►

"Call the Police" is a song recorded by Romanian female recording artists Alexandra Stan, Antonia, Inna and Lori as part of band G Girls. It was made available for digital download on 14 June 2016 through Global Records and Roton. Written by Eric Turner and J-Son, and produced by Marcel Botezan and Sebastian Barac, the track acts as the debut recording for the band. Music critics described "Call the Police" as an eurodance song incorporating "Romanian music dance vibe", with them praising it for being "catchy", but also comparing it to the solo works of Inna. A music video for the single was shot by Roman Burlaca at Palatul Noblesse; it portrays the group members being involved in different things while being in the building.