G Girls
Call The Police (cover).jpeg
Background information
Origin Bucharest, Romania
Genres Eurodance
Years active 2016–present
Labels Global Roton Ego
Alexandra Stan, Inna, Antonia, Lori

G Girls is a music band from Romania formed by female recording artists Alexandra Stan, Antonia, Inna and Lori.


Call the PoliceEdit

"Call the Police" was made available for digital consumption on 14 June 2016 through Global Records and Roton worldwide, while being distributed in Italy on 15 July 2016 by Ego. Serving as the group's debut recording, the track was written by Eric Turner and J-Son, while production was handled by Marcel Botezan and Sebastian Barac. Music critics were positive towards "Call the Police", labelling it as being catchy eurodance song with "Romanian music dance vibe"; it was also compared it to the solo work of Inna. A music video for the single was shot by Roman Burlaca at Palatul Noblesse and portrays the group members being involved in different things while being in the building, and eventually leaving it together.

An accompanying video for the song was shot by Roman Burlaca at Palatul Noblesse in Bucharest, and was uploaded onto the YouTube channel of label Global Records on 1 June 2016.[9] Marius Panduru served as the director of photography, while make-up was managed by Tania Cozma, Andra Manea and Dana Pertina, and hair styling by Alex Ifimov and Sorin Stratulat.

It commences with Inna and Antonia entering the building after giving head signs to each other. Following this, the latter is portrayed walking to a hall full of partying people while taking and developing photographs, and Inna is shown sitting on a mask-designed chair surrounded by males in tie in a white room. Subsequently, Stan, dressed in red lingerie, is presented with a man which she later ties up to a chair in the video and steals his money. Fellow band member Lori then walks in a neon-green room where both lesbian and gay couples are shown kissing, with the latter being portrayed in a bathtub letting a glass of water falling on one's body. She subsequently writes "911" on a mirror, and all the band members are shown dressing neon and sparkling outfits in order to be visible in the dark. After Lori mixes up some pink drinks and the others further perform to the song, the visual ends with them walking out of the building while throwing all the frames that were taken by Antonia in the beginning on the floor. Scenes interspersed through the main video show the band performing to the track close to each other in light or dark places.

Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

G Girls were selected to represent Romania in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 46 with their song "Call the Police", edition which will be held in Egypt.

Awards and achievements
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with "Bop Bop"
Romania in Own Eurovision Song Contest
OESC #46
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with "Un minut"

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