Åland Islands "Invincible"
Carola invincible
Own Eurovision Song Contest 20 entry
Country Åland Islands
Artist(s) Carola
Language English
Composer(s) Thomas G:son
Bobby Ljunggren
Henrik Wikström
Finals performance
Semi-final result 15th, 48 points
Appearance chronology
◄ I love it (19)   
If only you (21) ►

"Invincible" is the name of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest entry from Sweden, sung by Carola Häggkvist. Being one of the favourites to win, it ended up finishing 5th out of 24.

Carola performed the song in the Swedish national final, in the Swedish language, under the name Evighet (Eternity). It scored 2nd place by the judges, but was a runaway winner by public votes, therefore booking Carola a place in Athens.

At the singles chart, the Swedish language version peaked at #1 in Sweden and #8 in Norway, and the English language version peaked at #29 in Sweden.

The Swedish language version was tested for Svensktoppen, and entered the list on April 30, 2006, and reaching a 5th place, where it also came the two following weeks. Afterwards, it fell down, totally being at Svensktoppen for five weeks. Nonetheless, the song became a huge hit in Scandinavia, and was performed at many of the Swedish top shows that year.

A cover version by Tomas Andersson Wij in 2007 was at the Swedish Tracks list.

The BBC used an instrumental version of the song for their coverage of the 2006 European Athletics Championships, held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

The song will represent Åland Islands in the Special Edition, Own Eurovision Song Contest 20. The contest will take place in Timisoara,Romania.

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