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The Own American Broadcasting Association (OABA) is an association of public service media entities, with its headquarters located in Caracas, Venezuela. It was established on 19 May 2017. In the present, 55 nations are active members of the association.

Active members of the association are able to participate in the Own Americavision Song Contest.


There are currently 55 active members of the Own American Broadcasting Association. The newest members of the OABA are Caribbean Netherlands and Saint Martin, who joined the union in April 2021. In May 2020 Antenne Créole Guyane, the previous broadcasting channel of French Guiana closed, a new broadcasting channel joined the OABA, thus making the debut of Guyane La Première. The current council members are French Guiana, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Venezuela.

Current members[]

Color key
     Council member
     Current host
Country Broadcasting organization Abbr. HoD Edition
Flag of American Samoa.svg American Samoa KVZK-TV - Amanda #09
Flag of Anguilla.svg Anguilla Anguilla Television ATV Kenajabam #04
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service ABS Brella #01
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Televisión Pública Argentina TPA Shax #01
Flag of Aruba.svg Aruba Aruba Broadcasting Company ATV Qual #02
Flag of Bahamas.svg Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas BCB Vaios #02
Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation CBC Martin #01
Flag of Belize.svg Belize Great Belize Television GBT Thomas #01
Flag of Bermuda.svg Bermuda Bermuda Broadcasting Company BBC Hayashi #02
Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia Televisión Boliviana TVB Aussiegoomba #01
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão SBT Domas #01
Flag of British Virgin Islands.svg British Virgin Islands Caribbean Broadcast Network CBN Leandrocamargoo #05
Flag of Canada.svg Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC Dylan #01
Flag of Caribbean Netherlands.svg Caribbean Netherlands RTV-7 - N/A
Flag of Cayman Islands.svg Cayman Islands Cayman International Television Network CITN Ari #02
Flag of Chile.svg Chile Televisión Nacional de Chile TVN Valkory #01
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia RTVC Italix #01
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica Sistema Nacional de Radio y Televisión de Costa Rica SINART Anton #01
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión ICRT Mark #01
Flag of Curacao.svg Curaçao TeleCuraçao PJC-TV Josejtdfan #02
Flag of Dominica.svg Dominica Dominica Broadcasting Corporation DBS Gabrielmattalex #01
Flag of Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic Corporación Estatal de Radio y Televisión CERTV Jmain #01
Flag of Ecuador2.svg Ecuador Televisión y Radio de Ecuador RTVE Jacob #01
Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador Telecorporación Salvadoreña TCS N/A #01
Flag of French Guiana.svg French Guiana Guyane La Première Guyane La 1ère Joshua #09
Flag of Greenland.svg Greenland Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa KNR Iseendale #01
Flag of Grenada.svg Grenada Grenada Broadcasting Network GBN Iseul #01
Flag of Guadeloupe.svg Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Télévision GTV Nns #02
Flag of Guam.svg Guam Public Broadcasting Service Guam PBS Guam Jeff #08
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala Radio y Televisión de Guatemala RTG Holiday #01
Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana National Communications Network NCN Kinoshita #01
Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti Télévision Nationale d'Haïti TNH Ivo #01
Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras Televisión Nacional de Honduras TNH Danny #01
Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation JBC Basil #01
Flag of Martinique.svg Martinique Télé Martinique TVM Chhunter #06
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano SPR Arguello #01
Flag of Montserrat.svg Montserrat Peoples Television PTV Catsandsnow #09
Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua Radio y Televisión de Nicaragua RTN Escanton #01
Flag of Northern Mariana Islands.svg Northern Mariana Islands American Broadcasting Company Saipan ABC7 Saipan TitleTheNon #10
Flag of Panama.svg Panama Televisora Nacional de Radio y Televisión TVN Llemian #01
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Televisión Pública Paraguay TV Paraguay Ferret #01
Flag of Peru.svg Peru Televisión Perú TNPE Katrin #01
Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation PRPBC Mihai #01
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg Saint Kitts and Nevis ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation ZIZ Greg #01
Flag of Saint Lucia.svg Saint Lucia Daher Broadcasting System DBS Alper #01
Flag of Saint Martin.svg Saint Martin IO TV - Fuerteesc #11
Flag of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.svg Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre et Miquelon La Première St-Pierre & Miquelon 1ère Nic #10
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation SVGBC Lewis #01
Flag of Sint Maarten.svg Sint Maarten TVCARiB - Adamantios #10
Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname Surinaamse Televisie Stichting STVS Euu #01
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Television TTT Apostolis #01
Flag of United States.svg United States American Broadcasting Company ABC Maxim #01
Flag of United States Virgin Islands.svg United States Virgin Islands Virgin Islands TV VITV Beystrxye #03
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay Televisión Nacional Uruguay TNU William #01
Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela Corporación Venezolana de Televisión VTV Alex Memphis #01


The OABA Council is a congress of the heads of delegation of different countries of the Own American Broadcasting Association to discuss each edition's planning, to accept entries of the participating countries and to discuss general rules and standards of the Own Americavision Song Contest.

This list shows the current and former permanent or temporary members of the OABU council. Head members are written in bold. The council has currently five permanent members and one temporary member, traditionally the winning Head of Delegation of the previous edition.

Permanent members[]

Current members
  • United States Alex Memphis (April 2021–present)
  • Japan Iseul (August 2020–present)
  • Spain Ivo (August 2020–present)
  • Moldova Mihai (May 2017–present)
  • Germany Nic (April 2021–present)

Former members
  • Lithuania Domas (February 2018–February 2021)
  • Netherlands Jens (May 2017–February 2018)
  • Germany Niklas (May 2017–February 2018)

Temporary members[]

  • Ireland Dylan (December 2020-present)
  • United Kingdom Lewis (December 2020)
  • Israel Maxim (November 2017-February 2018; March 2020-July 2020)
  • Netherlands Mark (November 2019-March 2020)
  • Thailand Kinoshita (June 2019-November 2019)
  • Spain Marcos (March 2019-June 2019)
  • Poland Shax (November 2018-March 2019)
  • Australia Aussiegoomba (February 2018-October 2018)
  • Israel Tom (June 2017-November 2017)

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