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The Own Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (OABU) is an alliance of public service media organisations, established on 15 May 2015 and has its administrative headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The organisation is made up of 55 countries. Active members of the association are able to participate in the Own Asiavision Song Contest.


There are currently 55 active members of the Own Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. The newest member of the OABU is Kiribati, who joined the union in June 2020. The current council members are Australia, New Caledonia and Thailand.

Current Members[]

Color key
     Council member
     Current host
Country Broadcasting organization Abbr. HoD Edition
Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan Radio Television Afghanistan RTA Italix #03
Flag of Australia.svg Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC Mihai #01
Flag of Bahrain.svg Bahrain Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation BRTC Alex Memphis #14
Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh Bangladesh Television BTV Hayashi #09
Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan Bhutan Broadcasting Service BBS Thomas #08
Flag of Brunei.svg Brunei Radio Television Brunei RTB Superjonno #01
Flag of Cambodia.svg Cambodia National Television of Kampuchea TVK Valkory #10
Flag of China.svg China China Central Television CCTV Adrià #01
Flag of East Timor.svg East Timor Radio-Televisão Timor Leste RTTL Shanfachai #10
Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji Fiji Television FBC Mark #06
Flag of French Polynesia.svg French Polynesia Tahiti Nui Television TNTV Jmain #18
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong Radio Television Hong Kong RTHK Shax #01
Flag of India.svg India Doordarshan DDI Vaios #01
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia Television of the Republic of Indonesia TVRI William #01
Flag of Iran.svg Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting IRIB Aussiegoomba #05
Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq Iraqi Media Network IMN Alexandru #01
Flag of Japan.svg Japan Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK Katrin #01
Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan Jordan Radio and Television Corporation JRTV Ferret #02
Flag of Kiribati.svg Kiribati Broadcasting and Publications Authority BPA Fuerteesc #24
Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait Kuwait Television KTV Joshua #14
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Public Radio and Television Corporation KTRK Anton #01
Flag of Laos.svg Laos Lao National Television LNTV Kinoshita #01
Flag of Macau.svg Macau Teledifusão de Macau TDM Chhunter #11
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia Radio & Television of Malaysia RTM Axisv #01
Flag of Maldives.svg Maldives Television Maldives TVM Anton (MK) #07
Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia Mongolian National Broadcaster MNB Nic #01
Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar Myanmar Radio and Television MRTV TitleTheNon #01
Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal Nepal Television NTV Josejtdfan #01
Flag of New Caledonia.svg New Caledonia CanalSat Calédonie CSC Iseul #21
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand Television New Zealand TVNZ Jacob #01
Flag of North Korea.svg North Korea Korean Central Television KCTV Sylwia #06
Flag of Oman.svg Oman Sultanate of Oman Television SOT Martin #14
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation PBC Alper #01
Flag of Palestine.svg Palestine Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation PBC Greg2001 #07
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New Guinea National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea NBC/PNG Jan #01
Flag of Philippines.svg Philippines People's Television Network PTNI Gregory #03
Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar Qatar Media Corporation QMC Seb #10
Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa Samoa Broadcasting Corporation SBC Leis #18
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia Saudi Broadcasting Corporation SAB/SAR Gabriel #07
Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore Media Corporation of Singapore Mediacorp Amanda #03
Flag of Solomon Islands.svg Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation SIBC Nns #14
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Korean Broadcasting System KBS Marcos #01
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation SLBC Euu #01
Flag of Syria.svg Syria Syrian Arab Television and Radio Broadcasting Commission SATRBC Adamantios #01
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan Taiwan Television TTV Iseendale #01
Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan Televizioni Tojikiston TVT Dylan #02
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand National Broadcasting Services of Thailand NBT Ivo #01
Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga Tonga Broadcasting Commission TBC Holiday #15
Flag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio Programs and Cinematography TTV Anthony #01
Flag of Tuvalu.svg Tuvalu Tuvalu Media Department TMD Andrew #23
Flag of United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates Middle East Broadcasting Center MBC Basil #01
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan MRTK Alexander #11
Flag of Vanuatu.svg Vanuatu Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation VBTC Qual #21
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam Vietnam Television VTV Arguello #01
Flag of Yemen.svg Yemen Yemen Television YTV Apo #12


The OABU Council is a congress of the heads of delegations of different countries of the Own Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union to discuss each edition's planning, to accept entries of the participating countries and to discuss general rules and standards of the Own Asiavision Song Contest.

This list shows the current and former permanent or temporary members of the OABU council. Head members are written in bold. The council has currently two permanent members and one temporary member, traditionally the winning Head of Delegation of the previous edition.

Permanent members[]

Current members
  • Japan Iseul (August 2020–present)
  • Spain Ivo (August 2020–present)
  • Moldova Mihai (April 2015–present)

Former members
  • Lithuania Domas (January 2018–February 2021)

Temporary members[]

  • Philippines Martin (June 2019; March 2021-present)
  • Hong Kong Ron (August 2020-March 2021)
  • Spain Marcos (October 2019-January 2020; April 2020-August 2020)
  • Netherlands Alexander (January 2020-April 2020)
  • Russia Anton (June 2019-October 2019)
  • Thailand Kinoshita (January 2019-June 2019)
  • Serbia Alexandar (June 2018-January 2019)
  • Netherlands Jens (January 2018-June 2018)
  • Spain Adrià (June 2015-July 2015; October 2017-December 2017)
  • El Salvador.png Selvin (July 2016-October 2017)
  • Netherlands Bas (March 2017-July 2017)
  • Greece Apostolis (December 2016-March 2017)
  • United States Greg (August 2016-December 2016)
  • United Kingdom Alex (July 2016-August 2016)
  • United States Ashley (May 2016-July 2016)
  • France Luiri (May 2016)
  • Germany Julian (November 2015-December 2015; March 2016-April 2016)
  • Lithuania Rytis (February 2016-March 2016)
  • Slovakia Rick (January 2016-February 2016)
  • Bulgaria Nicky (May 2015; December 2015-January 2016)
  • Serbia Nenad (August 2015-November 2015)
  • Macedonia Chris (July 2015-August 2015)
  • Germany Katrin (May 2015-June 2015)

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