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Own Eurovision Song Contest 56
Semi-finals date July (expected)
Final date July (expected)
Broadcaster San Marino RTV
Entries 46
Returning Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
Flag of Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands
Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro
Withdrawing Flag of Austria.svg Austria
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine
System Each country awards 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Own Eurovision Song Contest
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Own Eurovision Song Contest 56, often referred to as OESC #56, is the 56th edition of Own Eurovision Song Contest. It took place in Serravalle, San Marino following Blanco's win in the 55th edition with the song "Ladro di fiori". It was the second time San Marino had hosted the contest, having previously done so in the twenty-first edition. Organised by the Own European Broadcasting Union and host broadcaster San Marino RTV, the contest was held at the TBD, and consisted of two semi-finals and the final. The three live shows were hosted by TBD.


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Host City[]

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Semi-final Allocation Draw[]

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Participating countries[]


Country Artist Song
Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra
Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia Junona "Come with Me"
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan Vugarixx feat. Alim Qasimov "Yol"
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus Angelika Pushnova "Krasivaya lyubov"
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina Salvatore Ganacci feat. Nailah Blackman "Kill a Soundboy"
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Dara Ekimova "Voyna"
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Pocket Palma "Daleki poljupci"
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus Andrew Lambrou "Throne"
Flag of Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
Flag of Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands Ingi Poulsen, Danny & The Veetos "Einsemi"
Flag of France.svg France
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia
Flag of Germany.svg Germany Madison Beer & Kim Petras "Villain"
Flag of Greece.svg Greece Elena Tsagrinou "Paradeisos"
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary
Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland
Flag of Italy.svg Italy Giulia Penna "Bacio a distanza"
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan Dan Balan & Indi "Dyshat o lyubvi"
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo Elvana Gjata & Capital T "Fustani"
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia Polka "Odna"
Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon Remie Akl "Ashekt rouhak"
Flag of Malta.svg Malta
Flag of Monaco.svg Monaco
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro
Flag of Netherlands.svg Netherlands
Flag of North Macedonia.svg North Macedonia Magdalena Ena "Ko da nema utre den"
Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Flag of Poland.svg Poland
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal Karetus & Sebastião Antunes "Burra"
Flag of Romania.svg Romania August Day & Tobi Ibitoye "BTCHS"
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia Milica Pavlovic "Crna jutra (Balkan S&M)"
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia Cazzafura & Senidah "Deca techna"
Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Normandie "Jericho"
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey

Country Artist Song
Flag of Finland.svg Finland
Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar
Flag of Israel.svg Israel
Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova
Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino
Flag of United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Marina "Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land"

Other countries[]

Eligibility for potential participation in the Own Eurovision Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with active OEBU membership that would be able to broadcast the contest. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members has been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not. The following list of countries declined to state their reasons as shown below.

  • Flag of Albania.svg Albania:
  • Flag of Austria.svg Austria: Austrian broadcaster ÖRF has just confirmed that Austria won't participate in the 56th edition of OESC. The main reason for their withdrawal is that ÖRF doesn't want to participate in a possible quarterfinal. A return next edition is not excluded.
  • Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark: The head of delegation announced that the country would be taking a one edition break.
  • Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein: The head of delegation stated that the country would not return to the contest due to them leaving the position. A return in the next edition is not ruled out as a new HoD is expected to be hired by then.
  • Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania:
  • Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg: The resignation of the Monegasque head of delegation led to the Luxembourger delegation take over Monaco. However, as a new delegation couldn't be appointed, Luxembourg is ineligible to compete this edition.
  • Scotland.png Scotland: Since the acceptance of Gibraltar in the contest, Scotland believes that it's the right time to finally return independently. Scotland has taken part since its debut in the 3rd edition, until they merged into the United Kingdom in the 44th edition. The head of delegation states that United Kingdom is not interested in the Scottish music, making them a void and forgetting about their beloved music industry.
  • Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia: The head of delegation announced that the country would be taking a one edition break.
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine:

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