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Own USAvision Song Contest 4
Venue TBD, TBD, Massachusetts
Entries 41
Returning Flag of Montana.svg Montana
Withdrawing Flag of Delaware.svg Delaware
Flag of Georgia US.svg Georgia
Flag of New York.svg New York
Flag of Nevada.svg Nevada
Flag of Oklahoma.svg Oklahoma
Flag of Vermont.svg Vermont
Flag of Wyoming.svg Wyoming
System Each state awards 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Own USAvision Song Contest
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Own USAvision Song Contest 4, often referred to as OUSC4, is the 4th edition of Own USAvision Song Contest. It took place in TBD, Massachusetts. Organised by the Own Public Broadcasting Service and host broadcaster WGBH-TV, the contest was held at TBD, and consisted of two semi-finals and the final.


Further information on the host state: Massachusetts

Host City[]

To be announced


To be announced


Semi-final Allocation Draw[]

The draw to determine the allocation of the participating states into their respective semi-finals took place on 22nd June 2021. The draw decided in which half of the respective semi-finals each country would perform, with the exact running order determined by the producers of the show at a later date. From each semi-final, 10 states joined the big 6 in the final, where a total of 26 states participated.

The semi-finalists were allocated into six pots, based on their geographical place and cultural similarities. Drawing from different pots helps in reducing the chance of so-called neighbour voting and increasing suspense in the semi-finals. Each time a country was drawn from the pot, its semi-final and half of the semi-final was determined.

The six pots were the following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3
Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6

Participating states[]


State Artist Song
Flag of Alaska.svg Alaska Morgan Kibby "Prague"
Flag of Arizona.svg Arizona Zola Jesus "Exhumed"
Flag of Arkansas.svg Arkansas Knox Hamilton "Cool"
Flag of California.svg California Hayley Kiyoko "Chance"
Flag of Colorado.svg Colorado Nina de Freitas "I Was In Love With You"
Flag of District of Columbia.svg District of Columbia Shaed "Thunder"
Flag of Hawaii.svg Hawaii Mausio feat. Malou "You & Me"
Flag of Idaho.svg Idaho Trevor Powers "Playwright"
Flag of Illinois.svg Illinois Felix Cartal feat. Kiiara "Happy Hour"
Flag of Iowa.svg Iowa Jaden Michaels "Behave"
Flag of Kansas.svg Kansas Connor Leimer "Brooklyn"
Flag of Kentucky.svg Kentucky Shift K3Y & Tinashe "Love Line"
Flag of Louisiana.svg Louisiana RuPaul "Sissy That Walk"
Flag of Michigan.svg Michigan Dreezy feat. Kash Doll "Chanel Slides"
Flag of Minnesota.svg Minnesota Jaxxi "Nights"
Flag of Mississippi.svg Mississippi Ruelle feat. Fleurie "Carry You"
Flag of Missouri.svg Missouri Slayyyter "Cowboys"
Flag of Montana.svg Montana Stephanie Quayle "If I Was A Cowboy"
Flag of Nebraska.svg Nebraska Harlow "Titanic"
Flag of New Hampshire.svg New Hampshire Author & Punisher "Nihil Strength"
Flag of New Jersey.svg New Jersey Against The Current "Weapon"
Flag of North Carolina.svg North Carolina Anna Clendening "Invisible"
Flag of North Dakota.svg North Dakota Dark and Dark "Feast on Me"
Flag of Ohio.svg Ohio Jetty Bones "Nothing"
Flag of Oregon.svg Oregon Yacht "Scatterhead"
Flag of Rhode Island.svg Rhode Island Digo feat. Libby Tisler "Crashing"
Flag of South Carolina.svg South Carolina Kelechi "Forever Tonight"
Flag of South Dakota.svg South Dakota Johnny Delaware "A.I"
Flag of Tennessee.svg Tennessee City Silos "Let You Go"
Flag of Texas.svg Texas Victoria Monét, Khalid, S.G. Lewis "Experience"
Flag of Utah.svg Utah The Used "Blow Me"
Flag of Virginia.svg Virginia Kali Uchis "Solita"
Flag of Washington.svg Washington Night Beats "New Day"
Flag of West Virginia.svg West Virginia TeamMate "Until You Find Me"
Flag of Wisconsin.svg Wisconsin Skylar Grey "Fucking Crazy"


State Artist Song
Flag of Alabama.svg Alabama Flo Milli "May I"
Flag of Connecticut.svg Connecticut Bronze Radio Return "Entertain You"
Flag of Florida.svg Florida Kendra Erika "So Fly"
Flag of Maryland.svg Maryland Lachi & Julian Javan "What I Want"
Flag of Massachusetts.svg Massachusetts TeaMarrr "Doin It Wrong"
Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Pennsylvania Daya "Insomnia"

Other states[]

Eligibility for potential participation in the Own USAvision Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with active OUPB membership that would be able to broadcast the contest. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members has been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not.

  • Flag of Delaware.svg Delaware: The state didn't respond to the invitation sent by the OPBS, thus not being present in the final list of participating states.
  • Flag of Georgia US.svg Georgia: The state didn't respond to the invitation sent by the OPBS, thus not being present in the final list of participating states.
  • Flag of Indiana.svg Indiana: The state didn't respond to the invitation sent by the OPBS, thus not being present in the final list of participating states.
  • Flag of Maine.svg Maine: The state will remain out for another edition. However, the state will be broadcasting the contest for the first time since the first edition, with the hope to return next edition.
  • Flag of New Mexico.svg New Mexico: The HoD stepped away, forcing the state to withdraw.
  • Flag of New York.svg New York: The HoD stepped away, forcing the state to withdraw.
  • Flag of Oklahoma.svg Oklahoma: After the continuously low viewing rates, another non-qualification and bad reviews all over the social medias ridiculing both the contest and the Head of Delegation, Oklahoma will not be participating at the upcoming contest in Massachusetts. However, the state is said to return during the next editions as they already got the rights to broadcast the contest.
  • Flag of Nevada.svg Nevada: The head of the delegation announced that the state will take a one-edition break.
  • Flag of Vermont.svg Vermont:
  • Flag of Wyoming.svg Wyoming:

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