Åland Islands.png "Päästä mut pois"
Päästä mut pois.jpg
Own Eurovision Song Contest 23 entry
Country Åland Islands
Artist(s) Mikael Gabriel Sohlman
As Mikael Gabriel
With Diandra Danielle Flores
Language Finnish
English Translation Let me out
Finals performance
Final result 26th, 71 points
Appearance chronology
◄ Wake Me Up (22)   
Can you see me? (24) ►

Päästä mut pois is the Alandish entry for the Own Eurovision Song Contest 23. Both the artist and song were selected internally. This is the third time that the Åland Islands will be represented by a song from Finland but the first time with a song sung in the Finnish language. The english translation is Let Me Out. The song was previously selected by Finland but was later rejected.

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