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Play & Win

From left to right: Marcy Botezan, Radu Bolfea, Sebi Barac.
Background information
Origin Alba Iulia, Romania
Genres Dance, House, Pop, Poprock
Years active 2000-present
Labels Play & Win Music
Associated acts Inna, Akcent, Morris, Crazy Win, Activ
Website Official Website [1]
Marcel Botezan
Radu Bolfea
Sebastian Barac

Play & Win are a Romanian music producer trio formed in 2000 by Radu Bolfea, Marcel Botezan and Sebastian Barac.

The band is first known as a leading production team having more than 500 songs to their credit, registered at the PRS . Over the years, Radu, Marcel and Sebastian have collaborated with many famous Romanian bands and singers like Inna, Akcent, 3rei Sud Est, Cătălin Josan etc.


All three members originate from Alba Iulia. They are:

  • Sebastian Barac: known as Seby, born April 16, 1984
  • Radu Bolfea: Radu born on December 9, 1984
  • Marcel Botezan: Marcel born on August 14, 1985

Singing career[]

As singers they debuted in 2009 with the single "Slow Motion" and reached the first place in Kiss FM's Fresh Top 40. It was one of the biggest hits of the spring in Romania.

Producing and songwriting career[]

As producers they debuted in 2005 with the single "Kylie" for the Romanian band Akcent that was a huge hit in Europe reaching the top five positions in charts of Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, and the first position in the Netherlands, Finland and Romanian charts.

Play & Win have also collaborated with Activ, creating hits like "Superstar", "Dor", "Heaven" and "Lucruri Simple". Other collaborations include 3rei Sud Est's "Alături de Îngeri", Sistem's "Oare unde eşti" and Andra's "We Go Crazy". Another hit that they composed Zero's "Sunny Days" came second in the Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

Radu, Marci and Sebi are also told to be the masterminds behind the most popular artists in Romania today, Inna, Morris and Bob Taylor. They produced Inna's first album "Hot" which features the smash hits "Hot", "Love", "Déjà Vu", "Amazing" and "10 Minutes".

In the creation of the single "Déjà Vu" Play & Win and Inna have collaborated with Romanian DJ Bob Taylor. Interpreted by Taylor and Inna, the song became a successful hit in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary and France. In 2011, Play & Win produced Inna's second studio album "I Am The Club Rocker!" which includes the hit singles "Sun is up" and "Club Rocker" feat Flo Rida.

With their own single "Ya BB" Play & Win reached a massive chart success in Romania as it reached number one on the official Romanian Top 100 on June 5, 2011. 'Ya BB' was the most broadcasted song on the Romanian radios for 16 weeks.



  • 2011: Change the World


  • 2008: "Summertime"
  • 2009: "Slow Motion"
  • 2010: "Only"
  • 2011: "Ya BB"
  • 2012: "INNdiA" feat. Inna
  • 2012: "Dance with me" feat. Antinia

Own Eurovision Song Contest[]

Together with Inna, they represented Romania in the second edition of Own Eurovision Song Contest with the song "10 Minutes". The song ended in second place after the end of the voting.

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