Own Eurovision Song Contest 18
Country Poland Poland
National selection
Selection process Polska Piosenka 3
100% Televoting
Selection date(s) Semi Finals:
19 March 2013
23 March 2013
Second Chance:
28 March 2013
29 March 2013
Selected entrant Patricia Kazadi feat. Matt Pokora
Selected song "Wanna feel you now"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (10th, 55 points)
Poland in Own Eurovision Song Contest

Poland participated in the 18th edition. They selected their entry through the 3rd edition of Polska Piosenka.

Polska Piosenka 3 Edit

Polska Poisenka 3 is a Polish national selection that started in March 2013. The songs were announced on 15 March 2013. There were sixteen songs competing, with eight songs in each semi-final. Three songs will advance to the final from each semi-final while two other will advance to the second chance. Eight songs competed in the final where one song was selected to represent Poland in OESC #18

Final Edit

# Artist Song
(English translation)
Points Place
1 Margaret Ashton "Thank You Very Much" 104 2nd
2 Patricia Kazadi feat. M. Pokora "Wanna Feel You Now" 106 1st
3 Ewa Farna "Ewakuacja" (Evacuation) 76 5th
4 Isis Gee "How About That" 70 6th
5 Alexandra "Nie Bede Twoja" (I won't be yours) 82 4th
6 Jula "Kiedyś odnajdziemy siebie" (One time we'll find ourself) 62 7th
7 Kasia Moś "I Wanna Know" 44 8th
8 Anna Rossinelli "Let It Go" 84 3rd

At OESC Edit

Poland performed 14th in the first semi-final. It got the 10th place and qualified to the Second chance where it competed against Kosovo and Slovenia, the tenth places of the other two semi-finals. However Poland didn't manage to win the second chance since it got the 35,7% of the votes, making it the second time Poland fails to qualify.

Points awarded to PolandEdit

Points awarded to Poland (Semi-final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points

Points awarded by PolandEdit

Semi-final 1Edit

12 pointsFlag of Cyprus Cyprus
10 pointsNorthern Ireland Northern Ireland
8 pointsFlag of Denmark Denmark
7 pointsEngland England
6 pointsFlag of Norway Norway
5 pointsFlag of Finland Finland
4 pointsFlag of Hungary Hungary
3 pointsFlag of Algeria Algeria
2 pointsFlag of Ireland Ireland
1 pointFlag of Belarus Belarus


12 pointsFlag of Germany Germany
10 pointsRomania Romania
8 pointsFlag of Cyprus Cyprus
7 pointsFlag of Denmark Denmark
6 pointsFlag of Greece Greece
5 pointsEngland England
4 pointsFlag of Morocco Morocco
3 pointsMoldova Moldova
2 pointsFlag of Spain Spain
1 pointFlag of Malta Malta

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