Polska Piosenka 5
Polska Piosenka
Pre-qualifying 9 April 2013
Presenter(s) Honey
Broadcaster TVP
Venue Atlas Arena
Winning song None
Number of entries 15
Polska Piosenka
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Polska Poisenka 5 was the planned fifth edition of the Polish national selection, Polska Piosenka. It was later cancelled.

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In this edition there was only one final including ten songs. However there will be one pre-qualifying round from where the host will select ten songs to move to the final. It will be hosted by Honey alone since Sylwia Grzeszczak will be a participant. However the selection was postponed and was going to held for OESC #21, since OESC #20 was a Eurovision-themed edition. On 8 May, the selection was again moved from the 4th to 5th edition. However it will still be held for the 21st edition. The new 4th edition will be held for OESC #19. Later, on 31 May 2013 it was announced that the selection is cancelled and that Sylwia Grzeszczak will represent the country with the song "Flirt".

Pre-qualifying roundEdit

# Artist Song
(English translation)
1 Ellie "Co Mi W Duszy Gra" (What plays in my soul?) Final
2 Sylwia Grzeszczak "Flirt" Final
3 Gosia Andrzejewicz "Zabierz mnie" (Take me) Final
4 Jula "Za każdym razem" (Every time) Final
5 Blue Cafe "Wina" (Fault) Out
6 Lidia Kopania "Hold My Breath And Wait" Final
7 Patricia Kazadi "Like I Do" Final
8 Kombi "Pokolenie" (Generation) Out
9 Roan "Maybe" Final
10 Madox "Why?" Out
11 Dawid Podsiadło "Don't You Remember" Final
12 Aneta Figiel "Myśl o Tobie" (Thinking about you) Out
13 Magdalena Tul "I'll Never Forget" Final
14 Aleksandra Wiśniewska "Stronger" Out
15 Paula "Flashing Lights" Final


# Artist Song
(English translation)
1 Roan "Maybe"
2 Lidia Kopania "Hold My Breath And Wait"
3 Ellie "Co Mi W Duszy Gra" (What plays in my soul?)
4 Magdalena Tul "I'll Never Forget"
5 Gosia Andrzejewicz "Zabierz mnie" (Take me)
6 Jula "Za każdym razem" (Every time)
7 Sylwia Grzeszczak "Flirt"
8 Paula "Flashing Lights"
9 Dawid Podsiadło "Don't You Remember"
10 Patricia Kazadi "Like I Do"

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