Own Eurovision Song Contest 21
Country Romania Romania
National selection
Selection process Selecția Națională 22
100% Televoting
Selection date(s) Final:
21 June-28 June 2013
Gold Final:
28 June-17 July 2013
Selected entrant INNA
Selected song "More than friends"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Qualified (1st, 132 points)
Final result 1st, 263 points
Romania in Own Eurovision Song Contest

Romania will participate in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 21. The Romanian entry will be selected through Selecția Națională 21. INNA will represent Romania with her song "More than friends".

INNA represented Romania with the song "More than friends", which qualified from the third semi-final and went on to win the contest in the final, scoring 263 points.

Selecția Națională 21Edit

Ten songs will participate in Selecția Națională 21. The show was presented by former contestant Corina.


The Final was held between June 21, 2013 and June 28, 2013. The full results of the Final were announced on June 28, 2013. Two songs advanced to the Gold Final.

Draw Artist(s) Song Voting Place
01 Antonia "Marabou" 25.64% 1
02 INNA "More than friends" 25.64% 2
03 Alexandra Stan vs Manilla Maniacs "All my people" 10.25% 4
04 J.Yolo "Te pup, pa pa!" 2.56% 8
05 AMI feat. Glance "Trumpet lights" 12.82% 3
06 Andreea Bălan feat. Laurențiu Duță "Mă doare fără tine" 2.56% 9
07 Andreea Bănică feat. Laurențiu Duță "Shinning heart" 2.56% 10
08 Dj Sava feat. Misha "Tenerife" 5.12% 6
09 Tom Boxer & Morena feat J Warner "Deep in love" 5.12% 7
10 Raluka "All for you" 7.69% 5

Gold FinalEdit

Draw Artist(s) Song Voting Place
01 Antonia "Marabou" 2 30%
02 INNA "More than friends" 1 70%

At Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit


The winner of Selectia Nationala 21

Romania will participate in one of the three semi-finals in San Marino, San Marino.

On 15 July 2013 it was decided that Romania will compete in the first part of the third semi-final .

On 17 July 2013 Romania was draw to perform on the fifth position, following Montenegro and preceding Ireland.

On July 25, 2013 it was announced that Romania managed to qualify for the Grand Final.

On August 7, 2013 it was revealed that Romania has won the Grand Final with a total of 263 points, which is a record at the moment. Back in the semi-final, Romania placed 1st receiving 132 points.

Points awarded to Romania (Semi-Final 3)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points


5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points



Points awarded to Romania (Grand Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points

Points awarded by RomaniaEdit

Semi-final 3Edit

12 pointsGreenland Greenland
10 pointsFlag of Morocco Morocco
8 pointsFlag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
7 pointsFlag of Poland Poland
6 pointsFlag of Netherlands Netherlands
5 pointsVatican City Vatican City
4 pointsFlag of Norway Norway
3 pointsFlag of Greece Greece
2 pointsFlag of Latvia Latvia
1 pointEngland England

Grand FinalEdit

12 pointsGreenland Greenland
10 pointsMoldova Moldova
8 pointsFlag of Malta Malta
7 pointsFlag of Morocco Morocco
6 pointsFlag of Egypt Egypt
5 pointsScotland Scotland
4 pointsFlag of Poland Poland
3 pointsFlag of Netherlands Netherlands
2 pointsFlag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
1 pointVatican City Vatican City

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