Own Eurovision Song Contest 2
Country Romania Romania
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selection date(s) 13 May 2012
Selected entrant INNA feat. Play & Win
Selected song "10 Minutes"
Finals performance
Final result 2nd, 134 points
Romania in Own Eurovision Song Contest

Romania will participate in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 2 and will select their entry through an internal selection.

INNA and Play & Win will represent Romania in Own Eurovision Song Contest 2 with their song "10 Minutes". The contest will take place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Romania was the runner-up of the edition receiving a total amount of 134 points.

Internal SelectionEdit


The winner

On 13 May 2012, it was announced that INNA and Play & Win will represent Romania in the second edition of Own Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden with their song "10 Minutes".

At Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

Ending in the top 5 in Own Eurovision Song Contest 1 means that Romania is part of the Big 5 countries, so it automatically qualified for a place in the final. In addition to their participation in the final, Romania was assigned to vote in the second semi-final.

At the end of the voting Romania placed 2nd, receiving 134 points.

Points Awarded to Romania (Grand Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points


5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points Awarded by RomaniaEdit

Semi final 2Edit

12 pointsGreenland Greenland
10 pointsFlag of Israel Israel
8 pointsFlag of Ireland Ireland
7 pointsFlag of Armenia Armenia
6 pointsFlag of Ukraine Ukraine
5 pointsFlag of Turkey Turkey
4 pointsFlag of Austria Austria
3 pointsFlag of Monaco Monaco
2 pointsFlag of Iceland Iceland
1 pointFlag of Serbia Serbia

Grand FinalEdit

12 pointsFlag of Norway Norway
10 pointsFlag of Israel Israel
8 pointsGreenland Greenland
7 pointsFlag of Spain Spain
6 pointsFlag of Ireland Ireland
5 pointsFlag of Greece Greece
4 pointsFlag of Sweden Sweden
3 pointsFlag of Russia Russia
2 pointsFlag of Turkey Turkey
1 pointFlag of Germany Germany

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