Here are the official rules of the Own Eurovision Song Contest. Please read them carefully. 


  1. Before entering the contest, users must join the waiting list.
  2. The user that is on top of the waiting list and the current participants are able to join the draw for one of the available countries.
  3. The country can participate with a broadcaster that is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union.
  4. Each head of the delegation can participate with just one country.
  5. Current participants are allowed to apply for a draw only after competing at least 3 editions with their current country. However, exceptions can be made if their native country is free.
  6. In order to compete in an edition or withdraw, the country must confirm within the deadline.
  7. Failure to present the entry within deadline will result in the disqualification of the country.


  1. Songs from Eurovision Song Contest are not allowed to take part.
  2. Entries can be selected internally or with national selection.
  3. The singer should be from or have strong connection with the country.
  4. A band or a collaboration can represent the country if at least 1/3 of members is from the country.
  5. Songs can be any length and language, and released after 2010.
  6. Singers must be at least 16 years old to compete.
  7. Revamps and remixes are allowed as long as the original singer is featured.
  8. Covers are allowed as long as they are official singles of the singer. However, covers of popular songs are not allowed.

Originality rule

To preserve the originality of the contest every entry should be approved before being submitted in order to keep unoriginal and/or overused songs away from the contest. The song can be denied if it scored top ten in one of the following 4 contests, which were selected based on popularity and number of participants: NVSC, FC, WWWSC and NNMC.

Borrowing rules

The following countries are allowed to borrow acts from one or two neighbouring nations in a realistic context, due to their relatively small music industry[1].

Borrowing country Borrowing from
Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Monaco Monaco Flag of France France
Flag of San Marino San Marino Flag of Italy Italy


  1. Misbehaviour or failure to respect any rule will lead to warnings.
  2. Warnings are given for various reasons:
  • failure to confirm or withdraw within deadline (15%)
  • failure to submit an entry withint deadline (15%)
  • failure to vote in any required event within deadline (25%)
  • cheating/attemp of cheating (50%)
  • voting during deadline extension (10%)
  • other small rules deviations (5%)
  1. Users are forced to withdraw from the contest once reaching 100%
  2. Users can rejoin the contest after receiving 100% warning.
  3. Users banned for cheating will not be allowed to participate.


  1. ^ Faroe Islands can borrow from Denmark and Montenegro can borrow from Serbia once in at least 3 editions.
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