slovenčina, slovenský jazyk
Native to Slovakia; minority language in Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary
Native speakers over 7 million  (2001 census)
Language family
  • Balto-Slavic
    • Slavic
      • West Slavic
        • Czech–Slovak
          • Slovak
Writing system Latin
Official status
Official language in

Czech Republic
Vojvodina in Serbia

Recognised minority language in:

Language codes
ISO 639-1 sk
ISO 639-2 slo (B)
slk (T)
ISO 639-3 slk

Slovak is an Indo-European language that belongs to the West Slavic languages (together with Czech, Polish, Silesian, Kashubian, and Sorbian).

Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, where it is spoken by 5 million people. There are also Slovak speakers in the United States, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Canada, Hungary, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, and Ukraine.

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