Finland "Stereo"
Anna abreu kansi
Own Eurovision Song Contest 17 entry
Country Finland
Artist(s) Anna Eira Margarida Mourão Heiskari
As Anna Abreu
Language English
Finals performance
Semi-final result 11th, 53 points
Appearance chronology
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Stereo is a song that will partcipate in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 17  and will represent Finland . This will be the second time that Anna Abreu has competed in the contest for Finland. Anna performed first in the third semi final in Copenhagen, however failed to qualify for the grand final.

Points to Finland Semi Final 3Edit

Country Points
Flag of Estonia Estonia                                                   12
Flag of Albania Albania 7
Scotland Scotland 6
Flag of Portugal Portugal  Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 5
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus  Flag of Croatia Croatia 4
  Flag of Monaco Monaco  Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 3
Flag of Italy Italy2
Flag of Norway Norway  Flag of Denmark Denmark 1

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