Türkmençe, Türkmen dili, Түркменче, Түркмен дили, تورکمن ﺗﻴلی, تورکمنچه
Native to Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Stavropol krai (Russia)
Native speakers ca. 4 million  (1998)
Language family
  • Oghuz
    • Turkmen
Official status
Official language in
  • Turkmenistan
Language codes
ISO 639-1 tk
ISO 639-2 tuk
ISO 639-3 tuk

Turkmen (türkmençe, türkmen dili, Cyrillic: түркменче, түркмен дили, Persian: تورکمن ﺗﻴﻠی, تورکمنچه) is the national language of Turkmenistan. It is spoken by about 7,000,000 people in Turkmenistan, and by an additional approximately 380,000 in northwestern Afghanistan and 500,000 in northeastern Iran.

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